Markville Montessori & Private School is a unique learning environment that offers excellent education in both the Academics and the Creative Arts.

Ranked one of the best professional Arts academies in the GTA since 2000, our school also welcomes young learners to a full-day Elementary and Montessori program.

- Our History -

MMPS originally started as CMA Piano - a piano school that included the Montessori program. Under the CMA program, students have benefited from a more holistic approach to education which allowed them develop physically, emotionally, academically, and artistically.


Due to the higher enrollment rate, CMA moved into a

pre – established school building that was conveniently located near Highway 7& Warden.  After our move, we decided to change our school name from CMA to Markville Montessori & Private School.  This better reflects our school’s philosophy – inspiring young minds through the Academics and the Arts.

- About Us -

Even as we continue to grow, our high standards and dedication to our students’ growth and learning remain unchanged.

Our Philosophy

Arts Integration
Arts Integration

Our school provides students with an enriched learning experience that combines academics with the arts. We believe that children need to have balance in their education. We balance our strong academic program with an arts program that allows children to explore and enhance their creativity. Our school also provides students with opportunities to grow and develop socially, with an emphasis on leadership and responsibility.

Piano Program
Piano Program

An important part of our school's philosophy is our belief that piano learning is more than just music training. Learning piano helps our students strive in their academics. It can effectively contribute to the development of various aspects of a young child’s mind, including: Concentration; Hand-eye coordination; Multi-tasking abilities; Creativity; Self-confidence; Memory and retention; And higher-order thinking skills.

MMPS provides students with a complete learning experience. We believe that children need to have a balance in their education, between a strong Academic Program and The Arts.

This allows children to explore and enhance their learning through creativity. We encourage students to grow and develop socially, as leaders and responsible citizens, so that they are prepared for life.


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