We understand the importance of a Balanced Education.

In addition to learning Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies, our students have the benefit of being part of a program that values the Arts.


Our Arts Integration Program is amazing! Our classroom teachers incorporate the Arts into their classes and we also have professional, specialized teachers come to our school to teach our students piano, music, drama, dance and visual art.


It is our mission to create a learning experience that combines academics with the arts.

Piano learning is included as part of our daily schedule.

Every student in our Mozart and Beethoven classes is in a stage of piano learning.


Our older students practise independently for a minimum of 45 minutes each day.  Students also have group theory lessons and one-on-one lessons with qualified instructors.


Learning piano has so many benefits.  It helps students develop their academic skills by improving hand-eye coordination, memory, focus, and self-confidence.

Music: Our students love singing and performing together!

Our Music teachers prepare songs that appeal to all of the students.


Through these songs, they have fun and better understand the world they live in. Students learn how to sing in a choir and individually.


Our students’ parents often tell us how happy they are to hear their children singing the songs they’ve learned at school around the house!


Visual Arts is incorporated into all varieties of our lessons.


During these classes and special fine arts classes, our students polish their drawing, painting, and sculpting skills. Not only do they learn and refine their skills using different media for art, they also improve their understanding of the elements of visual art:


colour, lines, shape, texture, and dimension


They create wonderful works of art that are brought home and occasionally entered into local art competitions.


Visual art helps students develop their fine motor skills as well as their creative and imaginative minds.

We combine ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance styles.

Not only is it fun, but dancing also helps improve students’ posture, balance, and coordination.


The students better understand the different elements of dance (action, space, time, energy, and body), which adds complexity to their movements. They often talk about how much they enjoy their dance classes and look forward to it every week.


Drama allows students to express themselves creatively.

They learn the different elements of drama, which are characters, plot, setting, and symbolism. Our students contribute to all aspects of a drama performance, including: making props, set design, writing scripts, and (of course) acting!


Each year our older students also perform a play in French:


The students are also given different roles that are similar to their own personalities and personalities that are different from their own to help them better understand other people.


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